Car Storage

So you have that special car and it means so very much to you, but because of the weather or just due to inconvenience the car sits a lot more then you would like it to. This is a good way for that beautiful paint job to get unwanted nicks and dings and sun damage which can cause cracking of the interior including seats and dashboard. Sun damage also can cause the paint to fade and pile leaving a very expensive car look like it is worth practical nothing. Other weather hazards such as hail storms, extreme cold and snow can all cause you a lot of headaches when it’s finally time to get your car out and cruise it. Of course to store a car the car does not have to technically be the one thing that you love more than your wife, it could be just a car that is not in use at the moment and you just need the extra space. Some car storage units can be a little bit expensive but if you do some looking around you will find what you need to fit your budget. If you are trying to store a car for reason of space then may be an outdoor storage unit would be more reasonable for you, just remember to take a couple of steps before storing your car to help get a speedy and pleasant spring start up. First take out the battery or it will die, and then make sure the right mixture of anti-freeze is in the radiator and the right gas treatment is in the gas tank. If you are going to look for a special storage unit for a car you really care about then you should look for a indoor storage unit that is clement controlled, this will insure that your battery does not go bad and gas lines and water hoses do not freeze and break. I would also look into the company and find out how long the company has been in business, check and see if there security is up to date and that there storage unit does not get broken into frequently, they really should not have any stolen cars on their track record at all or maybe you should think about using a different storage unit. Also check into what kind of insurance the company offers, the storage company should offer you reasonable insurance for a small fee, plus I would still keep fire and theft coverage on your car and notify your insurance company to let them know where the car is being stored. If you are trying to store a classic, vintage or sports car you should look into a storage facility that specializes in storing these types of cars they might have custom plans that might fit your needs better, let’s face it you don’t go to subway and ask for a hamburger and you don’t go to a hamburger joint and ask for a sub. So free up some space in your yard, drive way or garage without selling the car you want to save, instead store it.