Consider Outside Fort Worth storage

Here at Blue Mound 287 Self Storage. You may consider to choose outdoor storage to lease. You may ask what this means, but it’s a clever decision when considering your choices.

Did you know that you can lease a 12 x 100 feet outside storage area and pay only $75 per month for this space? This space is ideal for semi truck parking, multiple trailers, or several cars. If you are looking for a space to keep numerous items than this spot could be right for you. Numerous items may range from many items and you should consider this space for multiple boat storage, multiple RV Storage, and multiple auto storage.

I noticed a farmers storing their feeders, ranch equipment and hay holders even one time in one of these spaces. You can store a lot in an outside storage space. Be creative with this outside storage option!

Contact David Brannon at 817.439.3224 to discuss outside storage Fort Worth.