How to store your motorcycle

Storing your motorcycle the right way could be very important to how your motorcycle will perform when the weather finally breaks and you are finally ready to ride. First, fill up your gas tank and put some name brand gas stabilizer in it, this will help keep the gas in the gas tank good while being stored and will also help protect the gas tank from rusting. When you are done filling up take the time to wash the bike extremely well, make sure to get all of the dirt and road grim completely off of the bike. Polishing the gas tank and all chrome parts and anything else that you can will always help protect against rust or corrosion. Next detach the seat and any other storage bags or lather accessories you may have and store them on the inside of your house. Plus take the time and apply some type of leather applicant for this will help to prevent cracking. When you do find the spot you are planning on storing your bike, preferably on concrete not dirt, then take out the battery and also store this on the inside of the house. Last but not least make sure you have a bike cover, no a bike cover is not a tarp or a cloth that you find laying around the house. Use a bike cover made for a bike, this will keep dust and dirt out but also let the bike breath and help keep condensation from happening.