Purchasing boxes for storage

First take a second and think about all the trouble you have already went through and about to go through while on this fun little journey of self storage. Now think to your self is it a good ideal to go with some cheap old fragile boxes you have lying around the house or should you purchase new boxes that are going to be sturdy and durable and last though out your time you have them stored. When you go to buy boxes you can choose from many different sizes; small, medium, large and extra large. Being able to choose what size you want will help avoid trying to find the right box in a mess of boxes that are all different sizes, plus if you have boxes the same size this will help you out a lot when it comes to stacking. Boxes that are new insure that you are putting your items that you are storing in a clean box and a durable box that will no collapse. When separating what items will be going in what type of box it is a good ideal to remember to put heavier items in to boxes that are small because the seams are closer together and will help prevent the bottom of the box from falling out. So take the time and invest in some new boxes to save you the headaches of looking for boxes and hopping you will find good boxes in good shape that are the sizes that you will need.