Storing Your RV

Dose your recreational vehicles tend to get in your way, maybe you don’t use it as much as you move it from one spot to the other spot. You move it in and out of your garage numerous times, you move it from one side of the back yard to the other side just to cut the grass. The trailer is also another common eye sore in the driveway that tends to collect more junk on top of it then it dose towing the RV vehicles. You do have a couple of option; first you can pick a spot in the back yard and desinate it as a spot for the RV’s and the trailer. You can either lay down some bricks or lay down some concrete and park your trailer on top of this solid ground so the trailer dose not sink, then to conserve space park the RV’s on top of the trailer. For an affordable price you can build some type of structure or you could buy a structure that you can put together in about twenty minutes, this won‘t completely protect them from the bad weather but it will protect it from about 70 to 80% of the weather. Your second option is to pay a monthly fee for a storage unit and you could get your trailer and your toy’s out of your yard for good. If this is an option you are thinking about I suggest maybe getting an RV storage unit close to where you ride the most. This will help out on saving gas money because you won’t have to tow the extra wait as far.