Storing your vintage record collection

Especially nowadays with technology we most likely will never see the day when we will hear or see originally records unless there used old vintage records. So a lot of people are taking up collecting vintage records on as a hobby. But if they don’t take care of the records properly especially during storage there’s not much a record is worth when it can’t play. When finding a storage spot for your record collection make sure they are far from any direct sun light and that the records will be stored in a place that is clement controlled and humidity controlled. Never stack the records on the floor on top of each other, place all records vertically and take each record out of the sleeve and place the record next to the sleeve this will prevent damage to the grooves and the sleeve by being separated. Clean each record from all finger prints and grim but do this carefully with a soft cloth and make sure to whip in a motion from the inside of the record to the outside edge of the record. It’s always a good ideal to have a list of what records are where or at least label the containers or boxes that you store them in so that you don’t have to handle more records then you need to when looking for a certain record. Having a record collection can be worth a lot, if stored right it can be worth a lot of money or it can be worth a lot to you as part of your prize possession, but if not taken care of properly then they can be worth about nothing.