What kind of storage unit do you need: controlled access or self access?

The two different storage unit access options are controlled access or self access, most likely you will see more controlled access facilities because of security issues. Controlled access can make both the costumer and the management / owner feel a lot better about the items that are being stored. A controlled access facility might have some of these types of security measures; security cameras, electronic fences with your own code or possibly a magnetic card or a finger print scanner. Some facilities might have management that lives on the property to keep some type of security presence on the property 24 hours a day. Of course all the security in the world does not guarantee anything, there are still ways that people can get in. So here are some more security tips you may want to try out, make sure you use an industry standard lock, one that cannot be cut off easily by bolt cutters. You can also look into getting an alarm for your storage unit, you never know if someone is breaking into your unit the sound of an alarm just might wake up the bored security guard when he falls asleep. And there’s another reason why storage units facilities like controlled access, it’s because if you don’t pay your bill they can deny you access by shutting your access code down until you pay.

A self access unit can be useful for you if you want to save a little bit of money or maybe more than one person is planning on using the same storage unit or maybe you will need access to the units at all times of the day or night, this would be a good reason to seek out self access units.