If you have debated whether climate controlled storage is for you, or hesitated because it costs a bit more than a normal storage unit, you really need to read this article.

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What is climate controlled storage?

Climate control self storage is exactly what it sounds like. The temperature in individual storage units are kept at a constant temperature, thus guarding against extreme temperature fluctuations. Whether you are aware or not, storage units which do not have this feature are quite likely to reach temperatures over one-hundred in the summer, and easily can reach temperatures below freezing in the winter.   Even in areas which have moderate temperatures, there is humidity to be concerned with.

Why is that concerning?

Why is August important with climate controlled storage?

Have you ever left your garden furniture outside all summer? Or noticed the inside of your draperies in a window facing the south sun? Have you noticed the yellowing that occurs?  Have you noticed that the upholstery in your vehicle fades over time if it is left in the driveway most of the year?

These are all examples of what happens when sunshine and heat are in play.

What about winter?

Yes, you guessed it, extreme cold will do a number on your valuables, just like extreme heat will. There are molecules at work, there is expanding and contracting forces at play, and Mother Nature doesn’t care whether the items you are storing are valuable or not.  She is just doing her thing, day in, day out, no matter the month, and very small, incremental chemical changes are occurring to most items subject to the extreme temperatures.

Here is a general rule to live by regarding the storage of your items in storage buildings: if those items are very valuable to you, it would be a huge mistake to not pay for climate controlled storage; if those items are not that valuable to you, accept the risk and don’t pay extra for the protection.

We cannot give advice on your individual items. Only you know how valuable they are to you.

Yes, you will pay extra for this protection.  Depending upon the size of the storage unit, that extra may be only ten dollars per months, or it can be as costly as one-hundred dollars per month.  Again, only you can make that determination, but it’s important that you are at least aware of the risks.

A final word about Blue Mound 287 Self Storage.

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