Are you looking for cheap storage for your lawn furniture over the winter?  Not everyone is, and we get it, but for those of you who have expensive lawn furniture, and other items like a four-grill barbecue with state-of-the-art capabilities, and a full garage which cannot take one more item, well, we have a pretty good solution.  Call us at (817) 439-1380. That number will connect you with Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, serving the Greater Fort Worth area.

How cheap is cheap storage?

We can rent you a 5’x5’ for as low as $35 per month, and that is not factoring in possible move-in specials.  Let’s say you have your last outdoor party in October, and spring weather starts in March, so you need a cheap storage solution for four months.  At $35 per month, that means it’s going to cost you $140 to storage all of your lawn furniture.  Is that cost worth it to you?

Well, if your lawn furniture and barbecue cost you over a thousand bucks, which it easily could have, spending $140 for its protection during the rotten months is a good investment.  You certainly can’t leave high-end lawn furniture outside during the winter, not with hail storms and blizzards and falling tree limbs waiting to destroy it.  Your garage and basement are full of other belongings and possessions.  So renting a storage unit at a place like Blue Mound 287 Self Storage just makes good sense, right?

Can you fit everything into a 5’x5’?  It is, after all, only twenty-five square feet of storage space.

Or is it?

If you think vertically, and you think  stacking furniture on top of furniture, your 25 square feet suddenly becomes 120 cubic feet, and that is a lot of storage space.

How big a storage unit do YOU need?

Measure your lawn furniture to answer that question. Once you have the measurements, draw a diagram of a 5’x5’ storage unit, and determine if everything will fit in that unit.  If not you will need to jump up one size to a 5’x10’ unit, a mammoth 400 cubic feet of storage space.  Or you can just call us and ask for our opinion on the size you will need.

What can you expect at a storage facility?

You can expect secure self storage with a locked gate and individually locked storage units.  You can expect air conditioned storage if you should choose it.  And you can expect around-the-clock accessibility at many storage facilities.

Can you sign up for just four months?

Of course you can.  You can rent a storage unit by the month, no long-term contracts are required, and if you need the storage unit for longer than that four months, a simple phone call will take care of that time extension.

Call Blue Mound 287 Self Storage for more information.  We have been storing and protecting possessions in the Fort Worth area for a good number of years.  We like to think we’ve faced just about every storage situation there is, so chances are good we can answer your questions.