There seems to be this misconception, among the public, about the self storage industry and, in particular, about affordable cheap storage units.  It is widely believed that the less-expensive the storage unit is, the less security is offered with that storage unit.

That is simply not true, and we will use our own business, Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, to demonstrate our claim.  We serve the Greater Fort Worth area with quality storage facilities, and we invite you to call us at 817-439-1380 if you have any questions about secure self storage.

Now, though, let’s talk about cheap storage units which are mega-secure, storage units like the ones you will find at Blue Mound 287 Self Storage.

The cost of self storage is fairly standard

One thing you will find to be standard regarding self storage is the price.  Consider the cost of a 5’x5’ storage unit.  At Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, our smallest unit will cost $45 per month, or $51 for a climate controlled unit.  You can call around Fort Worth, and a similar-sized unit in more storage buildings will cost pretty much the same, give or take a dollar or two.  Competition will determine the cost of any item or service, and our industry is no different.

Where you will see fluctuations to this rule of thumb is in the monthly specials offered from time to time, specials like “Move in Special, ten dollars off,” or “First month free with six-month rental.”  If you are looking to save money on a self storage unit, that is how you will do it. Keep your eyes peeled for specials. They appear often at most locations.

The levels of security is not standard

It is security where the big differences in self storage can be found. We have seen self storage companies which are not even fenced. We have seen them which did not have video security. We have seen them where there is no on-site management. And we have seen some which have simple padlocks on the unit doors.

Consider Blue Mound 287 Self Storage security.  Our facility is complete enclosed by a perimeter fence. We have on-site management.  We have security cameras covering our entire enterprise. And we have only one point of access to the facility, a gate which can only be accessed by a personalized, computer card key.  In addition, each storage unit can only be accessed by a personalized, computer card key.

In other words, Blue Mound 287 Self Storage is the gold standard when it comes to security, and the price is comparable to our competition.

A perfect marriage of low cost and security

All of this begs this question: why pay for less-than-best?  If the price is consistent throughout the industry, why not go with the storage company which offers the absolute best in security? It just makes sense to do so, and in the Fort Worth area, it just makes sense to go with Blue Mound 287 Self Storage.

Call us for your storage needs in the Fort Worth area, and if you are not in Fort Worth, settle for nothing less than what Blue Mound offers.  Your valuable possessions deserve the best security money can buy.