This article about storage unit insurance may come as a surprise to many of you, but we assure you it is definitely something you will want to consider, especially if what you are storing is of value to you.

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Isn’t the storage unit you rent already insured?

The answers to this question are yes and no which, we know, is not too terribly comforting to you.  Storge facilities will carry liability insurance in the event a customer is injured while on the storage unit property, but that is about the end of the insurance coverage you can expect.  Your possession are certainly not protected, by the storage company, from theft, vandalism, or weather-related damage.

Many people believe that their homeowner’s insurance covers the possessions kept in a storage unit.  That is partially true; generally, homeowner’s insurance caps at a certain percentage. In other words, a homeowner’s insurance policy may cover 10% of the items value in the event of theft from a storage unit, leaving you with a 90% loss.

What this means, then, is that your possessions in storage buildings are practically unprotected in the event of damage or theft, and that means you will need to obtain storage space insurance.

What types of insurance do you need for a storage unit?

The good news is this: storage unit insurance if relatively inexpensive, and it is available from most major insurance companies.  Storage unit insurance will protect you in case of fire, flooding, theft, vandalism, mold damage, mildew damage, oxidation damage . . . basically anything which can go wrong in a storage building, you are protected with storage unit insurance.

Without sounding alarmist, and remember we are in this business, we believe that storage unit insurance is a wise investment . . . or . . .

Or you can roll the dice and not obtain insurance.

It really depends on how important, and how valuable; your possessions are.  If we are talking about excess patio furniture, you may not deem that important enough to worry about.  If you are talking about family heirlooms, it is a whole different consideration.

And please, do not think for a moment that a storage company which has security monitoring is 100% protected. That simply is not true. Even if it is protected against theft, you still have Mother Nature to worry about, and that is a whole different concern.

What does it cost? We have seen it cost as little as $10 for $10,000 worth of coverage.  It is our professional opinion that it is worth seriously considering.

A final word about Blue Mound 287 Self Storage.

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