If you have owned a boat before, no doubt you are aware of the high cost of marina boat storage.  If you are a new boat owner, and winter is approaching, you will soon be aware of costly marina boat storage, wet or dry.

Allow us to offer a solution which will save you money and be very practical during winter storage months.

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Now, let’s talk about saving money alternatives to marina boat storage.

The problems with marina boat storage

Let’s talk about a couple problems with marina storage, the first of which is cost.  Marina storage, whether it is dry storage or wet storage, is scarce.  There are only so many storage units at any given marina, and that means they are offered at a premium price.

Availability is another issue to consider.  Storing your boat at a marina means it is only accessible during marina hours.  If you have a hankering to take your boat out at three a.m., and the marina isn’t open, you will be disappointed and annoyed by the inconvenience of waiting for your boat to be made available.

The advantage of marina boat storage

Marinas are convenient. There is no doubt about that.  Your boat is right there, ready to lower into the water.  As long as you only want to use your boat during marina hours, this is the most convenient way of storing your boat.  And it also eliminates the need for a boat trailer. There is no need to haul your boat anywhere, not with immediate access to water at the marina, provided that is the only body of water you plan on using with your boat.

If, for whatever reason, you find marina storage to be inconvenient, or too costly, there are a couple alternatives to consider.

How about a self storage facility?

Something many people are unaware of is that most storage facilities offer dry boat storage, both indoor and outdoor, and quite often their boat storage is considerably less expensive than marina storage. True, this option is not as convenient as having the boat right there at the water’s edge, but it makes up for that inconvenience by being available 24/7 while at a self storage unit.  You can either store your boat indoors in a storage unit, or store it on your trailer under cover outside.

How about a boatyard storage facility?

Similar to a marina, but not on the water, is a boatyard storage facility. These places also offer dry storage, indoor and outdoor, and again are often less expensive than marina storage.  However, like a marina, they are only open during business hours, so access to your boat is limited to those business hours.

And, you can always store at home

And, of course, you can always put that boat on your trailer, and pull it to your home, where it can sit in your driveway, under a tarp or an awning, for the winter.  Obviously, this is the least-expensive option, but it also means a crowded driveway at home for a number of months.

Is one option better than the other? Not necessarily; the choice will be individual in nature, depending upon your needs and budget.

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