Based on our experience in the self storage business, there are three things you should consider about storage facilities: security, cost, and accessibility.  Let’s take a look at all three.  If we don’t answer all of your questions about storage facilities in this article, give us a call at (817) 439-1380 and we will be happy to help you. We are Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, and we are here to help.

Secure self storage

There are different levels of security in the self storage industry.  Some storage facilities only have a fenced enclosure surrounding the storage facility.  Breech the fence and access, and vandalism,  is fairly easy.

Some have a fence plus video surveillance, which is good, but is that video surveillance 24/7, and is it monitored live or simply reviewed each morning?

And some have management living on the grounds, adding another level to the security system, sort of a live-in security guard who is always there and vigilant.

You will have to decide the level of security you want and the level you are willing to pay for.

The cost of self storage

In today’s world, there is certainly no shortage of storage space and storage facilities.  We mention that because of the Law of Supply and Demand, which basically dictates prices in a field like self storage.  It is almost mandatory for any storage facility owner to keep his/her prices at a competitive level with the competition.  In other words, we tend to see rather standard prices in the self storage business, prices in line with all other local storage facilities. About the only major difference, in prices, in any given city will be in the move-in special packages, so make sure you ask about move-in specials when you are shopping around.

Self storage accessibility

Finally you need to consider how accessible the storage unit is.  Can you access your possessions 24/7? This is an important consideration. Not everyone works 9-5.  Some people are night owls and want access to their storage locker at three a.m.  Is that possible at the storage facility you are considering?  And how wide are their aisles? Is it easy to maneuver furniture and other large items down the aisles?  And how close is the storage facility to your home?  With so many to choose from, it would be silly to waste gasoline driving to a storage facility twenty miles from where you live or do business.

In a perfect world you will find a storage unit which is ultra-secure, which is price competitive, and which is accessible 24/7. The larger the city you live in, the better the chances are of you finding what you need.

We are Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, serving much of the Fort Worth area with affordable self storage. We pride ourselves in our security.  We pride ourselves in being price-competitive with great move-in specials. And we pride ourselves in 24/7 access. Give us a call and we can answer your questions.  That’s what we do: we educate about self storage!  Our number, again, is (817) 439-1380.  We are standing by in case you need us.