There are endless articles on the internet giving you advice about what you can store in a self storage unit; we thought it was about time an article was written telling you what you should not store in any of the thousands of mini storage units across the country, so here is that article.

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Now, though, let’s talk about the “do not store” list of items we do not recommend you store in a self storage unit.


This should be a no-brainer, and yet each year we find some of our customers learning this lesson the hard way.  Never store perishables in a storage unit. Food stuffs will not last in storage facilities for the simple reason that the temperature is higher in a storage unit, and the shelf life of any perishable greatly decreases in such a unit.

In addition, there are various health statutes forbidding such a practice.  Bottom line, if it can rot it has no place in a storage unit.

Live animals

We know, it seems ridiculous that we should even mention this, but you would be surprised how many people try to do this.  Pet snakes, pet lizards, dogs, cats, you name it and it’s probably been, at one time or another, tucked away in a storage unit in the United States.  There are various laws forbidding this, but putting the law aside for a moment, this is simply animal cruelty. There is no way to regulate the care of an animal in a storage unit. The temperatures can become extreme. There is no way to regulate air flow.  There is no access to fresh water. And the care of any animal is not visually tended when the owner is away for days on end.

Bottom line: bad idea and against the law!


Each year there are news stories about a fire caused or an explosion caused by chemicals/explosives/combustibles store in storage buildings.  It only stands to reason that this would happen.  High temperatures in the summer means a potentially dangerous situation.  It happens time and time again. There are even reports, each year, of portable meth labs being stored in storage units.

Against the law . . . potentially extremely dangerous . . . don’t do it!


Especially during the summer, computers should not be stored in a storage unit. Oxidation forms in extreme temperatures, and oxidation will ruin the inner workings of a computer.  We see it happen each year.


Again, oxidation is the key. Unless you rent a climate controlled storage unit, with a constant temperature, collectibles like sports cards or antiques will be ruined by Mother Nature.  We highly recommend a safety deposit box in some bank for collectibles, and for a computer we recommend climate controlled storage with constant temperatures.

When in doubt, ask the pros at Blue Mound 287 Self Storage whether or not you should store a particular item in one of our storage units.

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