We believe climate controlled storage is an absolute must for anyone storing valuables in a self storage unit, and the reason we believe that is the recent climate change.  No, this is not some political statement about global warming. This is simply the facts as we know them regarding protecting your valuables in storage facilities, and it comes from us, Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with outstanding self storage options. Call us at 817-439-1380 for more information.

Let’s talk about climate controlled storage

Climate control self storage gives you the option to maintain a constant temperature in your storage unit and no, not all storage units offer this luxury. There are many storage facilities, across this country, which do not have any sort of climate controlled storage, and the reason for that is simply cost.  It costs more money to wire temperature controls in each unit, and it costs more money to operate and maintain those temperature controls.

Yes, climate control self storage costs more

Without a doubt, climate control self storage costs more; it costs the storage ownership more to have and operate, and that extra cost is passed on to the customers.  Using our own Blue Mound 287 Self Storage as an example, a 10’x10’ storage unit, costs $110 per month; add on climate control and it costs $130 per month.  A 10’x30’ costs $195 without, and $215 with, the price rising, of course, with the size of the unit, and a larger unit will cost more to keep at a constant temperature.

These are standard costs, by the way, in line with storage costs across the country.

You have to decide if air conditioned storage is worth the cost

The question, then, is if air conditioned storage is worth the cost, and we are saying, from our experience, that yes it is for many items in extreme temperatures.

The problem is oxidation, and the effect that extreme temperatures will have on certain surfaces.  All you have to think about is the formation of rust on vehicles to understand oxidation. That same chemical activity happens with electronics, with wood surfaces, with clothing and leather and, well, most surfaces on most items.

Oxidation does not cause problems when the temperatures are mild, but crank up the thermometer and experience some Texas summer heat, and oxidation is most-definitely a problem, or drop the thermometer in December, with sub-freezing temps, and oxidation again will be a problem.  And, that is why we mention climate change and the suddenly wildly-fluctuation temperatures we are experiencing.

The only way to protect your valuables stored in a storage unit is to rent a climate controlled unit . . . or . . . don’t store valuables in a storage unit.  Period! End of discussion regarding oxidation.  We are not practicing scare tactics in this article; we are simply sharing our knowledge, based on years in this business, and the problems we are seeing, of late, with extreme temperatures in our area.

A final word about Blue Mound 287 Self Storage

We are locally owned and operated, and we are one of the leading storage facilities in all of Tarrant County. We don’t need scare tactics to increase business, but we do feel we need to be honest with our customers and our potential customers.

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