If you are an RV owner, this article, “why indoor RV storage is a good idea,” is for you.  We are talking about travel trailers, Class A, Class B, Class C, or skoolies, we believe all RV owners would benefit from indoor RV storage, and in this article we will give our reasons for that bold statement.

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The inherent problem with RVs

Ask any RV owner what the biggest problem is that they face with their RV, and chances are they will tell you it is leaking.  All RVs which have seams in their construction, and all RVs which have roof-mounted fans, air-conditioning, or solar panels, are prone to leaking problems.

You won’t hear that fact from an RV salesman as they are trying to sell you an RV, but it is the truth known by almost all RV owners.  Yes, the leaks can be controlled, for the most part, with a tube of caulking/sealant, but after a few years, even the best sealant will lose its effectiveness, leaving you with leak damage on the inside of the RV.

Two reasons for Indoor RV storage

But leakage is only the first problem faced by RV owners; the second problem is damage done by oxidation, or the chemical reaction caused by excessive temperatures.  Oxidation is the primary source/cause of rust, and all RVs are prone to it. If you leave your RV outside, even if you cover it with a heavy RV cover, the changing temperatures will eventually cause oxidation and do damage to the surfaces of your RV.

Again, most RV salesmen will not mention this to you when they are selling you an RV . . . but they should!

Indoor RV storage is the protection you need

The only thing which can totally guard against leaking is to park the RV indoors, and the only way to guard against oxidation is to park the RV indoors with a constant temperature i.e. climate controlled storage.

Does indoor RV storage cost more? Yes, it does!  Does climate controlled storage cost more? Yes, it does!  But considering the cost of replacing sections of your RV due to leakage, or replacing parts damaged by oxidation, and it is not hard to see that paying extra for indoor RV storage is a wise move over the long-run.  It is a classic case of “pay now or pay much more later.”

A final word about Blue Mound 287 Self Storage

Blue Mound 287 Self Storage has been providing peace of mind to RV owners for many years now. Our indoor RV storage is affordable and, in the extreme Texas temperatures, it really is the only logical and responsible way to protect your RV from Mother Nature. Call us today and arrange for a tour of our secure self storage facility, with 24/7 access.

Pay now, or pay much more later . . . if you are an RV owner in Fort Worth, there really is only one logical approach, and that is a storage unit from Blue Mound 287 Self Storage.