Boat Storage

You need to do some research when thinking about where and how you want to store your watercraft no matter if your watercraft is a boat or a yacht or even Jet skis. First you have to find out if you are able to store your watercraft at your place of residence, depending on how big your watercraft may be there could be a city ordinance against storing it in the neighborhood. If you decide to use a storage company make sure that the entrance ways are big enough to get your watercraft into the warehouse. Find out if the way they store their clients property is by using racks which means storing property on top of each other. If so, then make sure that your watercraft will fit in the racks and that it won’t be crushed or scratched when it is being stored. A lot of storage companies that store boats or yachts will offer services like, docking and launching, cleaning waxing and detailing, boat rental and Jet Ski or pontoon rental.

There are companies that will bring the storage unit to you, of course you need to check with city ordinance and make sure that you are able to have one without breaking the law. But if you’re lucky enough to be eligible for this option and you have a company around you that offers this service, the company will come and drop off a unit and you can store you water craft under it or in it. There are a couple different types of units, one where there are no sides or doors or you can order one that will have only two sides or one with all four sides to the unit. Once you are done with the unit you just call the company and they will come pick it up.