How to pick the right storage unit

Sure a lot people might think a storage unit is just a storage unit so there is no reason to shop around but maybe you should stop and take a closer look. Looking around and finding little tell tale signs of good security, easy access, ability to with stand hazardous condition like maybe a fire or a bad storm is a good practice. If you notice the grounds keeping crew hardly keeps up and the fences look like there week could be a sign that if they don’t take care of their property then they might not care too much about yours. Also if they don’t pick up litter like fast food bags or other stray trash this could attract critters to the storage facility. Some storage units are actually built specifically to be able to with stand unexpected hazards like fire or bad weather, so if you want to know if a storage facility was built for these hazards then you need to ask management and you should always consult management about any question you may have. When looking into a storage unit picture what you are going to be most likely driving your items in and whether or not you think you are going to be able to get easy access to the unit, your truck might be too big and depending on the size of the aisle and the size of the doors on the storage unit you might not want to go through the hassle that it might cause you every time you have to go to the storage unit.