How to prevent rust and corrosion when storing

There are a lot of items you can store away that will become a victim to rust or corrosion if you don’t take the proper precaution. To mention a few; cars, RV’s, boats, lawn mowers, bicycles, tractors, wagons etc… these can all produce rust and carrions and make it very hard to push, pull, or pedal, or can give a nice vehicle many eye soars to look at or even bring down the price value of a vehicle. If it is your vehicle you are going to store then you should give the vehicle a complete cleaning and then a wax to leave a protective glaze over the paint and any chrome or aluminum should have some type of light grease applied to it. Any vinyl should have a vinyl protection applied to it and there is plenty different protection product out there to chose from also plenty of wax products to chose from too. If you are planning on storing other items like lawn equipment you should try to apply grease to any type of parts that move on an axle like wheel Barings and also grease the axle itself. Any parts that pivot or should move freely should also be greased for the fact that build up of rust and corrosion can make any parts that should rotate or pivot become seized up and make it very hard for a person to use the items properly without taking it apart and sanding rust and corrosion off. Trust me on this one, this is not a fun job and once rust or corrosion has started it usually will come back fast and more potent, so preventing rust and corrosion before it starts is the absolute best way to keep that rust and corrosion away.