Need a Lock for your storage Unit? How to Choose.

Choosing a Quality Lock to secure your Self Storage Unit.

Sounds like a silly topic, but it’s important to know why we want to help you make a good decision. At Blue Mound 287 Self Storage we will offer you a lock to be purchased when leasing a storage unit. A cheap lock can rust. Rust means your lock is deteriorating or might not be as user friendly as you would hope when it comes time to visit your storage unit. A cheap lock may not offer the same security of a quality lock either.

We suggest that you purchase a Disc Padlock in order to properly lock your storage unit. Though any lock can break or be vandalized. We believe the disc lock offers our customers the best option available in knowing you’ve made a good choice on a lock purchase. You may visit David at our self storage facility here in N Fort Worth if you have any questions about the locks we offer our customers.

Please call us today at 817-439-3224 or come by if you want to upgrade your current lock. Our address is 870 Blue Mound Rd W Fort Worth, TX 76052.