Self-Storage is Just One of The Many Things You’ll Find at Blue Mound 287 Self Storage

When we at Blue Mound 287 Self Storage say your possessions can be stored with us, we mean exactly that.

Choosing a storage facility can be scary or even seem like a hassle, unless that storage facility is Blue Mound.

We have the Triple Whammy when it comes to storing your belongings!  We use a computerized code-access front gate as well as a personalized code for each unit. We have 24/7 security camera monitoring throughout the entire property. And we have on-site management to oversee the entire operation.  This may not be Fort Knox but it is darned close to it.

We are not some corporate company.  We are locally-owned and that means we have a personal stake in all of this.  The owner, Ron Sturgeon, does business in the Fort Worth area.  We all have families in this area.  We are your neighbors.  With that comes responsibility, neighbor to neighbor, friend to friend, and you won’t find that level of responsibility when dealing with some large corporation.  We stand behind our word. When we say your belongings are secure we are backing that promise with our word.

And then there is the security that comes with knowing your personal information is safe. Your information will never be shared with any other company. Our website is protected by the best computer security available, so you can rest assured that your cyber security is well-taken care of.

What would you pay for that kind of security?  If you use Blue Mound you won’t be paying much.  Ask us about our move in specials.  Talk to our friendly staff about monthly rates for our climate controlled units!