Storing Electronics

Storing electronics can be a little tricky, making sure you have a safe and a climate controlled space for your electronics is the true key. You want to make sure you protect any of your items from moisture as this is one of the major reasons items go in to storage working but come out not working. If you have the option of storing electronics in a climate controlled area with a dehumidifier then this is one great way to feel safe about your electronics. Since moisture is the number one reason for electronic failure just having a climate controlled storage area is not always enough, you are going to want to make sure there is some type of dehumidifier where your electronics are going to be stored. Make sure when storing you do not wrap anything in plastic, try to use the original box that it came in if you don’t happen to have the box it came in you can use cotton sheets or canvas to prevent dust build up. Another thing that can help keep moisture out is storing electronics on top of a pallet or some type of platform, if you are storing your electronics in a storage unit you can check with management as they might offer pallets to barrow for free. Also anything that is breakable like a T.V. screen or speakers that can be punctured should be stored with card board or bubbles wrap covering the area that is fragile and then labeled fragile. If you stored any electronics in a place where they would be exposed to moisture then you should keep the items at room temperature for at least 48 at hours before plugging in a powering up.