Take precaution to keep rodents out of your storage unit

Taken steps to make sure you do don’t obtain unwanted quest is not that hard. Unwanted guest can bring you a lot of problems, unwanted guest like rats have a tendency to start fires by chewing on electrical wires. Unwanted guest also leave there dropping for you to find at an undetermined time and can carry bacteria and disease. The first thing you can do is the old fashion mice trap, but if you don’t visit your storage unit enough don’t bother, one mice every six months will not make a difference. When storing any furniture or appliances make sure they are completely clean and dried before being stored away, things like crumbs or soda pop stains can seem like not much but it does not take much to attract one and after one comes then more will follow. Check your storage unit for small holes in the top of the roof, if a bird gets inside chances are it won’t find his way out. A bird trapped inside your storage unit flying around and pooping all over the place is probably something that might cause quit a mess. By taken simply common sense steps you should be able to keep the pest out, but you should make sure as much efforts as your putting in that the storage company management is doing their job to. It is just as important to keep up the outside of the storage unit as it is to take care of the insides.