The title of this article raises a question: can you afford affordable self storage?  The answer to that question lies in the hearts and minds of each person.  We cannot possibly give a blanket answer to that question, because every situation is different, and there are over seven billion people on this planet.  It would be silly of us to say “YES” to all situations. All we can do is tell you how much a storage unit costs, and point out the value of using one.  After that, it’s your call.

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Now, though, let’s talk about affordable self storage.

What does self storage cost?

We will use the current prices at Blue Mound 287 Self Storage to illustrate this cost section. Our prices are competitive with other storage facilities, so it will give us a good comparative figure to work with.

Our smallest storage unit, a 5’x5’, costs $45 per month.  Our largest storage unit, a 20’x30’, will cost you $345 per month. There are various sizes in-between those two extremes, and the prices of those units, again, reflect their size.   If you want climate controlled storage, to protect your belongings from oxidation and the other effects of extreme temperatures, there will be an additional cost for that.

Can you afford it on your household or business budget?

This is the question we can’t possibly answer.  Only you know your financial situation. For many, $45 per month is not possible. There are literally millions of Americans who do not have that amount to spend on storage they truly need, and we understand that. One possibly solution you might consider: find a friend or relative who also needs storage, and share the storage unit and cost with them. Going halves on a 5’x5’ storage unit might make it more affordable.

What is the replacement value of your belongings or inventory?

This is the other value we need to consider. Storing valuable at home, in a garage, in a backyard shed, these are good solutions if you live in an ultra-safe, guarded community, but for most people, the possibility of theft or vandalism is a very real threat.  What is the replacement value of your belongings or inventory? Are those items insured? What would it cost to replace them? If we are talking about family heirlooms, there most likely is not a replacement cost.  If we are talking about inventory for your home-based business, that inventory can be replaced, but there is a very real financial cost, and there are lost sales while you scramble to replace that inventory.

Bottom line: it’s your decision!

Again, we cannot possibly try to understand your situation. We don’t have the answers for you regarding self storage and storage solutions. All we know is a self storage unit is secure self storage, and the storage units found at Blue Mound are as inexpensive as you could hope to find considering we offer the best in security.

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