A strange self storage confession . . .

This may seem like a strange article, coming from a self storage company, but if you read on you will find the method to our madness. We are Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, providing affordable self storage solutions for all of your storage problems, from storage during military deployment to car storage, from RV self storage to boat storage units.  You will find it all at Blue Mound, serving North Fort Worth.

Why pay for self storage, right?

Money is tight.  Only a fool would not know that, especially if you are not one of the Top 1%, which pretty much includes 99% of the people walking this planet.  So why pay for storage?  Finding a place to store your items on a short-term basis can’t be all that hard.  Surely there must be alternatives to paying out good money just for a place to keep your possessions.

Granted, self-storage is not really expensive.  Most storage places offer their smallest storage units for around $50 per month, and considering that includes secure self-storage, safe from vandals and thieves and Mother Nature, it’s a reasonable price for peace of mind. But still, fifty bucks is fifty bucks, so let’s take a look at other options you can consider.

Storage options.

Option #1, keep your possessions at a friend’s place, or a relative’s, for the short term.  These are people you trust, so surely your things will be safe.  And if you really believe that, we have some beach front property to sell you in the Sahara. It would take a good burglar all of two minutes to break into your cousin’s garage, and it would take Mother Nature all of thirty seconds to toss down a hailstorm and dent your boat or RV.  Scratch this option!

Option #2, you could rent one of those pods, have it parked in your yard, problem solved.  Except wait a minute, don’t those pods cost money to rent?  Yes, they do, to the tune of $110-$150 per month, and even someone with elementary math skills can tell that $110 is more than $50.  Scratch this option as well.  Besides, a good thief could break the lock on a pod as easily as you opening your kitchen cupboard to grab a plate.

Option #3, you could have a garage sale, sell off the stuff that’s just collecting dust, and make room for the stuff you want stored.  The only problem with this option is the hassle factor. Do you really want to sit in your driveway, in a lawn chair, and watch people paw over your old belongings? Scratch this option too.

Sorry, we are out of options, so let’s do this thing the right way.

Do it right, a storage unit really is affordable.

In no way are we saying $50 per month, or $60, is cheap. We are simply saying that storage units are infinitely more practical than the other options.  If it really is important, to you, that your possessions stay safe for that short period of time between houses or during deployment, then storage spaces make the most sense, period, end of story. Which probably explains why there are over 60,000 of them in the United States, and a vast majority of them are profitable and doing a brisk business.

A final word about Blue Mound 287

Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, and our sister company, Mouser Self Storage in Alvarado, are locally owned and operated.  We promise the most secure self storage in the entire Fort Worth Metro area, making your payment one of the best investments you can make. Call us!