The answer to that question, can cheap storage units stand up to Texas heat, can go any of a number of ways.  What does cheap mean?  Does it mean inexpensive, or does it mean poorly-constructed? Does “stand up” literally mean not collapse, or is it referring to protection against humidity, rust, and mold?

Our answer to that question is this: yes, cheap storage spaces can stand up to the Texas heat of summer, and we are going to tell you how in this article.

We are Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, serving the Greater Fort Worth area. Call us at 817-439-1380 for more information about our inexpensive and highly-protective storage units.

Cheap means inexpensive at Blue Mound 287

Our smallest storage unit rents for $40 per month.  That is cheap, as in inexpensive!  And if you pay attention to our notifications, you will find monthly deals popping up, making that $40 per month even less from time to time.

Compare our prices with the prices of other similar storage facilities. We are confident that you will find BM 287 Self Storage compares quite well.

Cheap does not mean poorly-constructed at BM 287

We built Blue Mound 287 Self Storage many years ago, back when construction was not nearly as expensive as it is today, when building materials were less expensive than they are today, and when the whole darned process just cost less than it does today.

We invite a comparison. We are, again, confident that our storage units are of high-quality.

Climate controlled storage at BM 287

Yes, climate controlled storage costs more, but the extra cost is worth it. For our smaller units, climate controlled only costs six dollars more per month. For the larger one, it costs about fifteen dollars more per month.

Now, match that extra cost against the damage that oxidation does on valuables and electronics.  The Texas heat can do a serious number on your belongings.  We have seen collectibles ruined during one summer when they were stored in units which did not have air conditioning.

If you are simply storing boxes of paperwork, or extra furniture, air conditioning is probably not necessary.  If you are storing something expensive, or family heirlooms, or anything mechanical, we highly-recommend you spend a bit more for the protection climate control gives your valuables.

Longevity is the only proof we need

We’ve been doing this for quite awhile now.  Our storage units continue to rent out at near full capacity, and the only reason we can think of, for that kind of success, is quality service and an excellent value for our product.  If we tell you that your belongings are secure and safe, against theft and weather damage, you can take that statement to the bank with confidence.  We wouldn’t have been in business this long if our vote of confidence wasn’t well-earned.

About Blue Mound 287 Self Storage

Storage units come and storage units go. New ones are popping up constantly, all making promises which may or may not be true.  BM 287 Self Storage has been making promises for quite a few years now, and those promises just keep on delivering.

Call us today and find out how much you can get with cheap storage at Blue Mound 287.