What do you need to know about self storage, and renting a storage unit? We have scoured our most frequently asked questions, condensed it all down for you, and present to you this article. Hopefully we will answer those nagging questions you’ve always wanted to ask, but were afraid to ask, for fear of sounding uninformed or, worse, stupid.

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Now, let’s get to those questions.

Self storage questions.

What size storage units are available? Most storage facilities like Blue Mound 287 offer a variety of sizes, from 5’x5’ to 20’x30.

Are your belongings insured at storage buildings?  Your possessions are insured against damage incurred while stored in a storage unit, damage caused by the storage facility itself, as in a burst water pipe which floods, or a collapsed wall, something of that nature. Insurance varies from storage company to storage company, and our best advice is to obtain renter’s insurance from your own insurance company for the items you are storing. It is inexpensive and, we believe, well-worth the money.

Why used climate controlled storage?  If the items you are storing are temperature-sensitive, we strongly suggest climate controlled storage. This will protect you against the damages that oxidation can cause during storage.

What kind of security is available in a storage facility? It will differ from facility to facility. Blue Mound 287 offers four points of security, the highest level of security you can obtain; we recommend you ask around for the best if you are storing valuables.

More self storage questions.

What does a storage unit cost? There is no easy answer to this question. Generally, the smallest storage unit, a 5’x5’, will cost in the neighborhood of $50 per month, higher if it is climate controlled storage. The larger units can cost $200 or more per month, depending upon the facility.  Our suggestion: shop around and find the best deal. Prices will vary quite a bit even in the same city.

What all can be stored in a storage facility? You might be surprised.  At Blue Mound 287, we offer car storage, RV storage, boat storage, trailer storage, as well as storage for your household items.  There are also indoor as well as outdoor storage units available.

The final piece of advice about storage units.

There are many variables regarding storage units, and our best word of advice is to shop around.  How much security do you want? Do you really need climate controlled storage? What is a fair price for your area?  There is no standard when it comes to storage facilities, and the only way to get what you want is to do your research.

A final word about Blue Mound 287 Self Storage.

Do your research about Blue Mound 287 Self Storage and you will find that we have been serving the fine people of Fort Worth, with distinction, for a long, long time, and in this business, longevity counts for a great deal. Call us, tell us what you need, and we will match our storage solutions to those needs.