With literally thousands of storage facilities sprinkled across the United States, it is easy to understand that there are quite a few reputable ones available for anyone looking for a storage unit. It is also easy to understand that there are a few, shall we say, not so reputable.  In this article, we will talk about five things some storage facilities will not tell you about self storage. We hope you find it helpful.  Call us at 817-439-1380 for more information, and if you reside in the Fort Worth area, call us for rate quotes on secure self storage.

Now let’s speak about the unspeakable of self storage.

#1 Not all storage facilities are secure

Yes, self storage is more secure than your own garage, but things are still stolen from storage units.  There is no such thing as a completely secure self storage facility.   There are, however, four levels of security you should expect from any storage facility, and those four levels are listed below.

The perimeter of the storage facility should be fenced, and there should be only one main gate in and out of the facility. That gate can only be opened by a computer-generated passkey card.

There should be video monitoring, and that monitoring should be on a regular basis 24/7.

There should be on-site management. Nothing says security like a human being.

There should be personalized access codes for each storage unit.

If a storage facility has those four levels of security, they are providing the best security available in the industry, and that is the level you should expect.

#2 Not all video monitoring is monitored

We are sorry to inform you of this, but it is true. Just because there are cameras up throughout the storage buildings does not mean anyone is reviewing those tapes or watching those video screens.  Quite often, as a matter of fact, the cameras are hung just as a deterrent, with no actual recording happening at all.

#3 Rewards come to the patient

Most storage facilities will offer some sort of monthly special rate.  If you are in no hurry to rent a mini storage, wait until you see a good deal come across the storage website.  Even a little savings, spread out over six months or a year, can add up to big savings.

#4 Some storage facilities raise their rental fees

This is a little known fact, but some storage businesses will randomly raise their rates without any advance warning. Always ask how long the rate you are paying is good for, and get that guarantee in writing before you sign the contract.

#5 There is a proper way to pack items in a storage unit

If possible, do not store large items like furniture. They take up too much room, and you pay for that room. Store in hard-covered boxes and stack those boxes as high as you can to take advantage of vertical space. The more vertical space you use, the less horizontal space you will use, and you pay by the horizontal square foot.

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