Five Tips for Packing a Storage Unit

Every year, thousands of people rent a storage unit which is too large for their needs, and every year thousands of people improperly pack a storage unit, resulting in damage to their belongings. Thus, the need for this article, 5 tips for packing a storage unit.

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Now, here are your 5 tips for packing a storage unit properly.

Storage unit packing Tip #1

Packing a storage unit begins with the packing of boxes, and not just any box will do.  You need sturdy boxes with strong sides and strong tops to make sure they are not crushed when you put another box on top of them.  Yes, the sturdy packing boxes cost more money than the free ones in produce departments of grocery stores, but the money spent will protect your valuables during the months they are in storage.

Storage unit packing Tip #2

Label every box and be very detailed in the labeling.  It is not enough to label a box “kitchen items.” You need to list what items they are, just in case you need one of those items while they are still in storage.  In addition, this makes it infinitely easier to put things away once you take the boxes out of storage and transfer them to your home or business.

Packing Tip #3

It is not time to plan your storage unit layout.  Diagram the storage unit, by size, and measure all items going into that storage unit.  You will want to plan so that the most used items, items you may need while still storing them, are at the front of the unit. You will also need an aisleway you can walk down to reach items in the back of the unit.

Making this diagram will help you to decide what size storage unit you will need.  Employees at most storage facilities can give you an estimate of the needed size, but this way, with the diagram, you can be certain.

And don’t forget that you have vertical storage room as well as horizontal. Most storage units are at least eight feet tall, and with sturdy boxes you can utilize those vertical storage spaces.

Packing Tip #4

Determine whether you will need climate controlled storage or not.  Oxidation can do serious damage to certain items, including electronics, leather, wood, and so on. Without climate control, you may find your items faded or worse, damaged beyond repair.

Packing Tip #5

If you are storing valuables, and our recommendation is that you don’t do it, make sure you have insurance to cover any damage during storage.  Yes, most storage units carry their own insurance coverage, but it is limited and far too often will not cover what you need it to cover.

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