How much does a storage unit cost is easily the most-often asked question we receive at Blue Mound 287 Self Storage in Fort Worth, Texas, and it is one of those questions which does not have a definite answer.

We will explain that cryptic answer in a moment, but first we want to mention that Blue Mound 287 Self Storage has a solution for all of your storage needs, from household items to car storage, from patio furniture to RV storage and boat storage. Call us at 817-439-1380 and ask us about our prices and availability.

Now, let’s try to answer that question which has no answer.

Storage unit costs are based on the size and . . .

For the uninitiated, storage units come in a variety of sizes. Using our own facility for an example, our storage spaces are as small as 5’x5’, which cost $45/$51, to as large as 20’x30’, which cost $345/$430.  You will notice we gave you two prices for each; that is because the more expensive price means the unit has climate control and/or electricity.

We don’t like to use absolute statements, but in this case it is warranted . . . climate controlled storage will always cost more than those units without air-conditioning/heating.

Storage unit costs are affected by the competition in your area.

But that is only half of the answer we can give you. The other half has to do with the number of storage facilities in your area, and the price set by competition and the economic health of your particular market. Storage units in Los Angeles will cost considerably more than in a rural town in Kansas, a statement which is true no matter what product or service we are talking about.

Our $45/$51 price for a small unit is in tune with other storage companies in the Fort Worth area, which only makes sense. If we were to charge, say, $70 per month for a 5’x5’ unit, we would have a very hard time renting those small units when our competitors undercut us with a lower price.

Hopefully all of this makes sense.

The only way to truly know the answer to this question.

So, what is the price in your area? The only way to find out is to the phone calls and find out for yourself. The storage business is a fairly competitive industry, so several phone calls may net you some savings. There is only one more thing to know, and that is regarding secured self storage.  We have written about this before, but in order to ensure that your belongings are safe, ask about the security measures being taken by each storage company. There are four main levels of security i.e. fenced perimeter, individual access keys, security monitoring, and on-site management.  Ideally, you will want all four where you keep your belongings.

A final word about Blue Mound 287 Self Storage

Blue Mound 287 Self Storage has been serving the fine people of Fort Worth for a great many years, and that kind of longevity speaks volumes about our customer service. Call us and tell us what you are looking for; we’ll take good care of you and your valuables.