It is absolutely amazing to us how many people think their storage space is secure simply because they are paying for it.  In truth, at some storage facilities, their “secure self storage” is no more secure than your garage with a single padlock on it, but the general public has no clue about that reality.

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On to the question we posed in the title of this article: how secure is your storage space?

Four levels of security at Blue Mound 287 Self Storage

There are four levels of security offered by Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, and by other topnotch, high-quality storage facilities: fenced exterior, one entry with keyless entry, security cameras, and on-site management.  Let’s look briefly at each of these.

A fenced exterior is a great start with security in mind.  Eight-foot chained-link fencing with barbed wire on top is a great deterrent for most thieves.  Is it expensive? Yes! Is it a formidable obstacle? Most definitely!

One entry to the grounds, a main entry gate, is the best approach, and that one entry way must only be accessed by a computerized, personalized entry card.  Keys can be copied.  More than one entryway is too hard to monitor.

Security cameras are also a great deterrent. The cameras must be numerous and they must cover every hallways and entryway in the storage facility.  Oftentimes, just the sight of a security camera is enough to prevent a thief from approaching.

And, finally, there should be on-site management, someone manning the main office each hour and, the ultimate in security, someone walking the grounds on a regular basis.  Nothing stops a thief like the sight of a security guard diligently looking for intruders.

Even the claim of four levels of security is not always true

The four levels of security mentioned about are virtually foolproof if they are done correctly.  For instance, security cameras are wonderful if they are monitored.  Far too often, companies will have cameras installed but only review the tapes at the end of the day. That does no good if the burglary happened six hours later by a man in a hoodie.

As mentioned earlier, storage spaces locked with a padlock are not safe. Padlocks can be cut off with a chain-cutter in a matter of seconds.  And a main office is no good if no one is in that office after general business hours.

To be sure, go visit the storage facilities

How will you know which storage facilities correctly utilize all four levels of security? Go visit them and ask your questions.  We are talking about your valuables. You are paying for their safe storage. That is what you deserve in exchange for your hard-earned money.

A word about Blue Mound 287 Self Storage

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