Winter is a real concern for those who have possessions in self storage, and in this article we will tell you what that concern is and how you can safeguard against it.  We are Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, rockin’ the Fort Worth area with affordable self storage, car storage, RV storage, boat storage, and trailer storage. Call us at 817-439-1380 for our storage rates and availability.

Okay, let’s talk about Old Man Winter.

Self Storage and winter problems.

There are forces at work, winter and summer, which most people do not know about.  Mother Nature is at work, at all times, and that means potential problems for the valuable you are storing.  Oxidation is the first problem to be aware of.  To put oxidation in terms you all can relate to, think rust. Rust is oxidation at work, and it is at work every single winter.

The second problem to be aware of is the “shrinking of molecules.” During cold weather, molecules (those things all matter is made of) slow down considerably, much like us humans. The act of “slowing down” means that materials will contract or shrink in size. This may be a miniscule contraction, but it takes very little to ruin an object or make the object unusable.  We see this most often with doors and windowsills. Suddenly, with cold weather, those items don’t fit in their track as well as they once did, and that is because they have effectively shrunk in size.

Which items most need self storage?

Almost anything we store is susceptible to the effects we just mentioned, but there are some which are more susceptible than others:

·         Musical instruments (a winter in a cold shed can literally ruin a piano, saxophone, or any other type of musical instrument).

·         Electronics (computers, televisions, radios, cell phones, none of these things do well when temperatures drop below freezing).

·         Furniture (wood surfaces, metal surfaces, cloth surfaces, it makes no difference; all can be ruined by extremely cold temps).

Protection against winter.

Our winter protection tips begin with a good cleaning of all items to be stored. Dirt is an enemy when temperatures drop, and it’s a chemical reaction matter we don’t need to get into in this article.  Clean thoroughly, rub a good oil on wood items, and wrap important items in cotton or wool for further protection.

Make sure you do not store any electronics, or anything with a battery in it, on the cold floor. Always elevate those items or at least put a protective layer underneath them.

And last, and the most effective suggestion, store your items in climate controlled storage. It will cost you a bit more ($5-$15 per month more), but a constant, moderate temperature is the ultimate protection against Ma Nature during the winter months.

Follow those suggestions and everything should be just fine this winter.

A final word about Blue Mound 287 Self Storage.

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