There are more indoor boat storage steps to consider than just which garage to back your boat into before you leave for the week or month. There are very important steps to be taken to make sure your boat not only survives the storage but actually thrives in self storage.

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Boat storage steps to take . . .

Find out which boat storage facilities have climate controlled storage.  You will pay a bit more for climate control, but it is well-worth the cost, especially if you live in an area with major climate extremes.  Extensive heat will cause oxidation, and oxidation will slowly destroy wood surfaces, leather surfaces, cloth surfaces, boat electronics, and paint. In other words, oxidation will practically do damage to your entire boat. Is it worth it to you to store your boat in a place WITHOUT climate control?

Next check out the storage facility itself.

Is there adequate room to maneuver your boat into the storage unit?  In other words, does it offer easy access to your boat? And speaking about access, is the boat storage facility close to local lakes or boat launches, and is it on or near major highways or freeways?

It goes without saying that cost is a consideration.  What can you afford for boat storage?  Are there any introductory move-in specials available for you?  What amenities will be included in that cost?  You will never know until you ask, so ask questions when you are out looking at storage facilities.

Next check out security features at the storage units. Do they have security monitoring 24/7?  Is there an on-site management team?  Is there secure fencing? Are there computer-controlled access gates?  How easy, or hard, is it to enter the storage facility?

Once you find the storage facility you are comfortable with, take a few more steps before leaving your boat for weeks.

If your boat is going to be in storage for months, you will need to take certain precautions, the most important of which is an engine maintenance before the storage begins.  Also make sure the tires on your boat trailer are fully-inflated, and as an extra precaution make sure your boat is covered, even if it is stored indoors.

Not all of these steps are necessary, but taking extra precautions is never a bad thing when you are taking care of a major possession like a boat.  We are talking about an investment of tens of thousands of dollars, and that kind of investment demands you take all steps necessary to insure its safety.

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