We are asked, all the time, about climate controlled storage, and is it really worth the extra cost in the Texas climate?

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What is climate controlled storage?

Climate control self storage is fairly self-explanatory: It is a storage unit which keeps a constant temperature, usually in the 65-70 degree range.  Some storage facilities have individual controls in each storage unit; some are controlled by the office personnel.  The key point to remember,  however, is that the temperature is kept at a constant level, and the importance of that is explained in the next section.

Why would you need climate controlled storage?

Extreme temperatures cause damage on certain surfaces, as does too much moisture, the type caused by condensation.  A perfect example of this scientific fact is the rust which forms on an automobile which has been parked outside for most of its life; another example would be the fading which occurs on a vehicles upholstery over time, something caused by the heat of the sun.

But it is not just automobiles which are affected by extreme temperatures.  Electronics can be ruined by too much heat.  Leather does not hold up well under heat; nor do photographs, cotton, or wood surfaces.  This is all a result of oxidation, the shifting of tiny molecules which occurs when temperatures vary greatly. In point of fact, about the only surface you are fairly safe with, regarding extreme temps, is plastic.

Is it necessary in Texas?

The key term to that last section was “extreme temperatures.”  Now shift your thoughts to Texas.  Do extreme temperatures occur in Texas? We say that facetiously. Without a doubt, Texas is known for blistering-hot summers, and almost any surface exposed to extreme heat will, in fact, be altered, and that alteration will not be for the better.

The question is then a matter of value.  Climate controlled storage costs more; that is a fact. In smaller units, the cost increase is in the $10-$20 per month range. In larger units, it can be an increase of close to one-hundred dollars.  Is it worth it for you to pay that, which begs the question are the items you are storing worth protecting?  Some items, probably not; some items, most definitely!

An individual question we will leave for you to answer, but if it is a recommendation you are looking for, we would say if you are storing valuables in a self storage unit, in Texas, you really need to pay a little bit more for the peace of mind.

A final word about Blue Mound 287 Self Storage

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