Finding a self storage unit is a pretty straight-forward thing to do, but there are a couple self storage mistakes to be aware of and to avoid.  We can help you with that in this article, but if you have more questions about self storage feel free to call us at (817) 439-1380.  We are Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, serving the Greater Fort Worth area.

The first self storage mistake to avoid.

It is only natural to shop for price.  Most people do it because, well, most people are not rich.  The bottom 99% of the U.S. population are in a financial position where price matters so yes, we all shop for price for most goods and services we purchase.  Self Storage facilities are no different.  One of the first questions we are asked, and almost always the first question we are asked, is what do our storage units cost.  Again, that is only natural!  Most people do not ask the cost of a candy bar before purchasing, but it is a sure bet they will ask about a storage unit.

Which brings us to the first mistake to avoid:

Do not shop just for price when looking at storage facilities.

Depending on what you are storing, price is just the tip of the importance iceberg.  If you are storing valuable items, like a stamp collection, chances are security is just as important to you as price, so don’t always be swayed by low prices or move-in specials.  They sound good but . . .

Secure self storage is vitally important if you are looking to store valuable items or keepsakes.

The second mistake to avoid is cutting back on extras to save a few bucks in self storage.

Let’s use Texas for an example.  Blue Mound 287 Self Storage is in Texas.  Temperatures for several months each year go above one-hundred degrees.  We have heat waves which would make Saudi Arabia look like a moderate climate.  And extreme heat damages items stored in mini storage units unless they are protected by climate controlled storage precautions.

It’s called oxidation, and it can ruin cloth, wood, and leather surfaces.  It can ruin collectibles.  It can ruin family heirlooms.  With climate control, your valuables will be completely ruined in that kind of heat and yes, climate control costs extra and yes, you should definitely pay for it if it is available.  The same is true in any part of this country where temperatures can be either extremely hot or extremely cold for extended periods of time, and that pretty much describes what, fort of the fifty states?

Follow that advice and you can pretty much bet that whatever it is you are storing will be secure and undamaged when you go to retrieve it.

Questions? We are Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, a locally owned and operated storage facility with affordable self storage serving the greatest city in the United States, Fort Worth!  We’ve been doing this self storage gig for a number of years now, so we know what we are talking about.  Give us a call and we will be happy to answer any questions about self storage you might have.