Most people think a storage unit is for the lawn furniture when winter arrives, or for the kids’ bedroom furniture after they go to college, or perhaps for outdated paperwork that will no longer fit in the spare bedroom.  But times they are a’changin’, and with those changes come some very creative ways to use the traditional storage space. This article will highlight just seven of those creative, non-traditional uses.

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Auto Storage

You can rent a 10’x10’x storage unit for $110 at Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, size enough for you to store you car in. Compare that to secure vehicle storage at a car storage facility, and you will find it to be a very fair and competitive price.

Boat Storage

The same can be said for boat storage if you are looking for dry, secure boat storage. Why pay inflated prices at a marina when you can get ultra-secure self storage at a lower price from a storage facility?  It is every bit as convenient as keeping your boat at a boat yard, and oftentimes much less-expensive.

RV Storage

Most self storage facilities offer outdoor and covered storage for RV storage.  Your RV is available around the clock if the storage company is open 24-7 like Blue Mound is, you won’t have to block your driveway at home with the RV, and you know it is infinitely more secure than if kept at home.

Trailer Storage

The same thing can be said for Trailer storage.  You can, of course, store your trailer at home with a plastic tarp over it, and hope that it isn’t stolen or vandalized, but why not pay a little extra for peace of mind at a storage facility?

Mini Warehouse

Many small businesses, and home-based businesses, are clueing into the fact that a storage unit makes a perfect small warehouse for product for your company.  A 10’x10’ unit is 100 square feet in size, and 800 cubic feet counting the vertical space, and a warehouse of comparable size will cost you between $500-$1000.  Why pay more?

Hobby Shop

Put your car back into the garage, re-claim your spare bedroom, and set up your hobby train set, or your metallurgy tools, in a heated and air-conditioned storage unit.  Heck we have garage bands who practice in our storage units. We have book clubs which meet in our storage units.  You name it and you can probably do it in a storage unit.

Art Studio

Painting, sculpting, other forms of art, we have seen some fully-equipped art studios in our storage units.  Get away from the disturbances of home and practice your craft at a place like Blue Mound 287 Self Storage.

A quick note about what cannot be stored in a storage unit

As a general rule of thumb, illegal substances, living things, and perishables cannot be stored in a storage unit.  Everything else if left to your imagination, but when in doubt, ask the storage company in your area what they allow and what they don’t allow.

A word about Blue Mound 287 Self Storage

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