If you are looking for cheap storage for your small business, our first words of advice are these two words: shop around!

Storage facilities are perfect examples of the law of supply and demand.

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The Law of Supply and Demand can be difficult to understand in all its nuances, but basically it says this with regards to supply and price: if there are too many of a particular item, the price of that item will be forced down market-wide.  The opposite of that is also true: a shortage of an item, as long as there is sufficient demand, will see a rise in the price of that item.

When we talk about storage units, there is, without a doubt, many to choose from in any major city.  All things being equal, that should mean a very competitive market with regards to pricing.  In other words, you should find some very good prices during your search.

Storage unit prices can be creative in nature.

Not only will you see prices listed like this . . . 5×5 storage unit priced at $40 per month . . . but you will also see advertisements for move-in specials, like the first month free, or two months free and $50 per month afterwards.  You will have to weigh the benefits of offers like that . . . is it worth it to you to save money upfront, with higher payments in two months, or is some other consideration important to you with regards to payment?

And beware of a deal which seems too good to be true, because it often is.  We have seen some incredible offers in the self storage business (first three months free), but those offers masked some deficiencies as well, deficiencies like poor security, off-site management, and poor accessibility to each unit.  It turns out, in cases like those, that the savings just are not worth it to most people looking to rent a storage unit, but they sure do sound great in black and white.

And then consider what you actually need vs what is actually being offered.  Do you need . . . absolutely need . . . climate controlled storage?  If so, make sure that is stipulated in your contract.  Do not assume that all storage units are climate controlled units.  You will be sorely disappointed if you believe that.

We are Blue Mound 287 Self Storage serving parts of the Fort Worth Megaplex, and we know about the self storage business.  We are probably not the cheapest storage unit company in Fort Worth, and we are fine with that, because for a few dollars more you will get exactly what you are paying for at Blue Mound 287 with no hidden secrets, fine-print, or agenda.

Give us a call if we can help your small business with storage space solutions in Fort Worth, or if you simply have questions about the storage industry.  We are here to help you satisfy your exact needs.