There are no sure-fire guarantees in life, so when faced with a probing question about storing valuables in a self storage unit, we will always give a qualified answer. There are no 100% guarantees in life.  But there are ways to minimize the risk, and it all comes down to how secure the storage facilities are.  We will discuss the four stages of secure self storage in this article, giving you some valuable information before you sign a lease on a storage unit.

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The four stages of security for self storage

The four stages of security you should look for are:

  • Fence protection
  • Individual key cards
  • Video monitoring
  • On-site management

Let’s delve into each of these.

Fence protection

If you drive up to storage buildings, and there is no fence around the facility, keep driving. As ludicrous as it may sound, we have witnessed, with our own eyes, storage buildings which do not have fences.  How can they possibly advertise secure self storage for your valuables if they don’t even have a fence?

The fence should be at least ten feet tall, and it should have barbed-wire or razor-wire at the top to discourage climbing over the fence.  We are not talking about some ornamental fence which looks nice. We are talking about heavy-gauge wire fences which are even difficult to cut through.  Yes, they are costly, but if the storage facility is not willing to invest in that elementary stage of security, they do not deserve your business.

Individual key cards

Padlocks are child’s play for a thief or vandal.  Padlocks can be cut easily with a bolt-cutter. What you need at any reputable storage unit is individual, computerized entry card keys. These cannot be duplicated, and they are as close to burglary-proof as you can get in this business.

There should be one point of entry into the storage grounds, with a large, moveable gate, and that gate should also require a computerized key car for entry.

Video monitoring

Video cameras send a shiver down the back of a would-be thief, and any experienced thief will instantly look to the skies to see if cameras are mounted on the walls of a facility.  Most thieves will walk way if they see those cameras.

On-site management

And nothing scares a thief more than a human being patrolling the grounds of a storage facility.  We can’t overstate the importance of the human element when talking about security.  You might be surprised how many self storage businesses do not have on-site management, but we at Blue Mound 287 Self Storage believe it is crucial for the safety of your valuables.

A word about Blue Mound 287 Self Storage

Blue Mound 287 Self Storage is a trusted name in the Fort Worth area, and that trust has been cultivated by years of protecting the valuables of Fort Worth residents. From collectibles to auto to boats to family heirlooms, you can trust it all to Blue Mound 287 Self Storage.