Unless you are a snowbird, traveling south for the winter, you will eventually have to face the annual task of winter RV storage i.e. preparing your RV for the winter months of inactivity.  This article, then, will highlight the steps you should take before you park your RV for six months or more.

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But first, let’s talk a bit about winterizing your RV for RV storage.

Drain and flush your grey and black water tanks

You will want all tanks empty, so locate drain plus for grey and black water tanks, drain them, and then flush them with clean water.  Continue flushing until clean water is all you see coming out of the tanks.

Flush out your water heater

Repeat the same procedure for the water heater.

Bypass the water heater

Find the bypass valve for the water heater.  You may have to check your RV diagram to locate it.  You will want to turn this valve so that the water heater is not affected by the next few steps.  You do not want antifreeze in the water heater.

Drain the fresh tank

The fresh water tank will also have to be drained, following same procedure as before.

Locate water pump and attach antifreeze hose

Locate your water pump and attach a hose from your antifreeze source to the water pump.  You can then begin pumping antifreeze throughout your RV system.

Open faucets and valves outside RV

Open the faucets and continue pumping until only pink fluid is coming out of those faucets. That will let you know that antifreeze is within the system.

Open internal faucets, shower, and toilet

Follow the same steps for internal faucets, shower, and toilet. Continue to pump water through until the water turns pink.

Double check before RV storage

Take your checklist and double-check to make sure you have followed each step.  If you have faithfully followed all drainage steps, your RV is now winterized and you will not have to worry about frozen pipes during the winter.

But what if you live in a warmer climate where there is no concern of freezing temperatures? We still suggest you drain and flush the entire system, simply as a way of killing off any bacteria which has formed during the heat of the summer.

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