Not a day goes by when we don’t have a customer ask us about the self storage unit which would be best for their needs.

We are Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, serving the Greater Fort Worth Metro area with quality self storage. Call us at 817-439-1380 and we will find the storage space which is best for you.

Storage unit sizes

For those who are not aware of the self storage industry, you can find storage units as small as 5’x5’, and as large as 10’x30’, or 20’x30’.  The standard height of these units is usually eight feet, but we have seen some as tall as ten feet.  That is a huge range in size, and those units can handle as little as boxes of documents, or as much as the furnishings of a four-bedroom home.

There are very few things which cannot be stored in a storage unit. We have seen car storage, boat storage, RV storage, trailer storage, and storage for a kitchen or patio. We have seen people store their woodworking tools in a storage unit, and come to that unit to work on their hobby.

What you cannot store in storage units are perishables and, obviously, illegal items.

Storage unit prices

There is a rather wide range in storage unit prices. We have seen them as low as $20 for a 5’x5’. We have seen them as high as $300 or more, per month, for a large unit with climate control.

The industry average for the smallest unit is currently, as of December, 2022, around $50 per month. Having said that, most storage facilities offer specials periodically.  A special might be something like the first month free, or half-price for the first two months, but rarely are those specials long-lasting, and the reason for that is because there is a huge demand for storage units in the U.S. these days.

How can you tell which self storage space is best for you?

Which is the best storage unit for your needs?  You have two ways of determining this.

One, you can discuss your needs with a storage unit employee. They have charts which detail how much you can expect to store in any size unit. They also have experience on their side; they have seen it all, and their warehouse of knowledge can help you in your choice.  On our webpage for Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, we have a list of the storage units we have, and after each size we give you an estimate of what you can store in that size unit.

The other way is for you to measure each of the items you wish to store. Remember to take three measurements of each item, the length, width, and height.  Add up all of your measurements and do the math.  This is a tedious approach, but it will net you an accurate estimate.

A final word about Blue Mound 287 Self Storage

In an industry as large and diverse as the self storage industry, finding an industry leader is as easy as looking at track records.  If they have been around for a number of years, and the customers keep coming back, chances are that storage facility is doing a good job for its customers.  Blue Mound 287 Self Storage is one such storage company.  Our track record speaks volumes about the quality service we provide. Call us today and we will get you into a storage unit which will meet your needs.