We have written articles, in the past, telling people why climate controlled storage is important.  In this article, we will head in a different direction, telling you when it is not needed.  Just keeping it real, folks. There are times you do not need to spend the extra money for climate control self storage, and we believe in being up front and honest with all clients and potential clients.

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What is climate controlled storage?

Climate controlled storage is the regulation of heat, and humidity, in a storage unit so that a constant temperature is maintained.  Is it more expensive than the standard storage unit found in storage facilities? Yes, it is.  Is it worthwhile to pay for climate control?  We will answer that question in the next two sections of this article.

When climate controlled storage is not needed?

In areas with moderate temperatures, only your most delicate items need climate control.  Household furniture, boxes of odds and ends, boxes of clothing, patio furniture, these things would do fine for a few months in a storage unit without climate control. Even car storage, boat storage, or RV storage, in moderate temperatures, is fine without regulating the heat and humidity.

Please note that every situation is different. We are simply making general statements about specific items.  If you have an antique grandfather’s clock, worth ten thousand dollars or more, it would be our opinion that the more protection you can give that clock the better.  And perhaps we should let that be the determining factor regarding climate control: How important is the item you are storing? How valuable is it to you?

When it is needed?

Climate control is most often used in states where extreme temperatures occur.  Texas, the rest of the Deep South, the Far North in the winter, these places will see temperature swings of forty, fifty, sixty degrees, with temperatures sometimes reaching 110 degrees, or higher, or dropping to 20 degrees below zero, or lower.

What need climate control? Electronics, musical instruments, computers certainly, china, delicate fabrics like leather, objects which have the potential to rust, sensitive legal documents, heirlooms, valuable art, all of these things can certainly be damaged by extreme temperatures or excessive humidity.  Again, how important is the item to you?  Are you willing to have it damaged simply to save $20-$100 per month, the extra cost you can expect for climate control, depending on the size of the storage unit.

These are questions and decisions we cannot make for you, but it is important that you have the information so you can make an informed decision.

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