Dry boat storage or marina storage? That is the question, one we will answer in this article by Blue Mound Self Storage, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with secure self storage solutions. Call us at 817-439-1380 for more information about boat storage, RV storage, trailer storage, car storage, or simply storage for your personal, household items. We have what you need at a price you can afford.

Now, let’s talk about dry boat storage!

Dry boat storage vs marina boat storage

This article is supposed to be about the better value dry indoor boat storage presents, but we need to make a point right out of the chute in this discussion:  If we are just talking about storage cost per month, we make no claims that indoor boat storage is cheaper than marina boat storage. It may or may not be, depending upon the city in which you reside, and the number of available storage spaces there are for boats in that city.  Supply and Demand can make some strange things happen when it comes to pricing, and we are no experts when it comes to boat storage in Kansas City vs boat storage in Fort Meyers.

With that said, the real value of dry boat storage comes from the intangibles which may not be obvious at the time you store your boat.

Think long-term costs with dry boat storage vs marina

The major problem with marina boat storage is the damage that can occur at a marina.

The first cause of damage is simply the damage caused by the water and the elements, which is unavoidable with marina storage. That damage has a cost figure, one which needs to be considered long-term.  A storm comes in, your boat has damage from flying limbs or from bashing against the dock, and suddenly you have costs you never planned on.

The costs of cleaning the hull of a boat are considerably higher if that boat is always in the water, another cost which needs to be considered, and another cost which is not a factor with indoor boat storage.

Insurance rates are higher when a boat is stored at a marina rather than in an indoor storage unit, a fact most people are not aware of until they see their insurance premium increase.

And, finally, there is one more cost which needs to be considered, and that is the cost of vandalism and theft.

Indoor boat storage is infinitely more secure

Indoor boat storage is, by far, more secure and more safe, than marina boat storage. This is a fact which any boat owner can tell you, and it is a fact any insurance agent will tell you.  What if you boat is vandalized at the marina? What if your boat is stolen from the marina?  What does that do to your cost projections?

A final word about Blue Mound 287 Self Storage

Blue Mound 287 Self Storage has four levels of security, namely video monitoring, a fenced perimeter with only one access point, individualized access keys, and on-site management. If you are looking for the most secure and cost-effective boat storage in Fort Worth, Blue Mound 287 Self Storage is the answer. Call us today!