A week does not go by when we do not get this question about climate controlled storage: do I need it?  And, more specifically, do I need it in the winter?

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Climate controlled storage is a year-round advantage

What is the point of climate control self storage?  Stated simply, the purpose is to protect stored items from the damage caused by oxidation and extreme climates.

Oxidation, rust, and other damage caused by the changing atmosphere, are real.  Look no further than the rush underneath your vehicle, or the sun-faded colors on patio furniture, to understand what oxidation does to most items.  The extent of that damage is the key to this discussion, and there really is no way to quantify that damage, or the time frame when that damage will happen.  Oxidation is caused by temperatures and humidity, and those weather-related forces are always changing.

We have seen important paperwork ruined in a matter of a couple years. We have seen expensive clothing ruined, and upholstery ruined, but there is no consistency regarding the time frame when that damage happens.

Not all items need climate controlled storage

Truthfully, all items are eventually affected by oxidation, but some take a very long time to show any effects.  Metals oxidize very quickly.  Food obviously will spoil quickly.  At the other end of the spectrum, cotton is a material which takes a very long time to show effects of the changing environment.  Thus, it depends entirely upon the item being stored in determining whether you need climate controlled storage . . . that and how important your possessions are to you.

Bottom line: how important are your stored items?

And this really is the bottom line in this discussion.  If you want the ultimate in protection, against all manner of harm caused by the environment, and your items to be stored are very important to you, then it just makes sense to rent a temperature-controlled storage unit, thus providing peace of mind while your items are in storage.

Does climate controlled storage cost extra? Yes, without a doubt you will pay more for it, and you will have to determine whether the extra cost is worth the peace of mind you will receive by paying that extra cost.  All we can do it provide you with the information we have gleaned from being in the storage industry for a very long time.

By the way, the only other protection you have to guard against storage damage is to pay for storage insurance, and that is something well-worth considering if you are storing extremely valuable items.

A final word about Blue Mound 287 Self Storage

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