This article is for all of you who think that your garage is every bit as good as a self storage unit.  We will provide some rather compelling reasons why a self storage unit really is a considerably better option for your valuable possessions.

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Does your garage offer secure self storage?

This is probably the #1 reason why self storage is better than storing your valuables in your garage. The number of break-ins and burglaries in this country is staggering.  Most homeowners and renters have no idea how many bad guys are roaming around neighborhoods at night.  It would literally take an experienced burglar two minutes to crack any lock you have on your garage door and steal whatever possessions you have inside.

The best security is a self storage unit, especially one which offers the four points of security: fenced property with a single point of entry, security cameras, individual card keys, and on-site management. Storage facilities which offer those four levels of security and you can rest assured that your possessions are as safe as safe can be.

But your garage? Not so much!

Does your garage offer climate controlled self storage?

Extreme temperature shifts will ruin many of the items people put in storage.  Oxidation can ruin surfaces.  The sun can fade materials.  Electronics can be ruined.  Moisture in the air can crack wood.  The only protection against Mother Nature is climate controlled storage, a storage unit which keeps a constant temperature year round.  Is it a bit more expensive? Yes!  But compare that added expense to the replacement cost of a $2000 laptop, and the added expense suddenly does not seem so bad.

How much extra will you pay?  For small units, about five dollars per month extra. For the largest storage units, it can be $75 to $100 more per month. Again, you need to weigh that against the replacement cost.

Finally, wouldn’t it be nice to use your garage for your car?

This is more whimsical than anything else, but it’s amazing how many people cannot fit their vehicle in their garage, simply because they have all that other “stuff” in the garage.  We all smile when we think of that but again, think of Mother Nature.  She is fully capable of wreaking havoc on a car or truck, again through oxidation and heat and moisture.  We have all seen the effects of rust on a car. We have all seen faded upholstery in a car, and the damage sap can do to a paint finish.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could protect your vehicle by parking it inside?

A final word about Blue Mound 287 Self Storage.

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