Car storage makes sense, right? Right. Whether you realize it or not, car storage begins with a parking space, extends to covered parking spaces and garages. So why is it that something that is so common is so expensive? Give 817-439-1380 and see for yourself how Blue Mound 287 Self Storage is different! As a self-storage facility, we pride ourselves in offering the best storage options, we offer no less for car storage.

While it is true that we have three different auto storage options, we don’t offer just three spaces. We have options for those options! We have outdoor car storage, covered parking auto storage and air-conditioned auto storage.

For those looking for car storage to lease, first ask yourself what you need from your storage facility. Are you looking for short term storage or are you needing something long term? What options are you considering and what is your budget? These are the questions you need to be asking yourself when considering vehicle storage, and the experts at Blue Mound 287 Self Storage are happy to help.

Car Storage you can depend on

Why do you need car storage? Do you only need a safe place to keep your car between visits to drive it, or do you want a place to restore, repair, wash and wax with 24/7 access to it? You’ll need to answer the question of whether or not you want a private place to park your car. If your car storage plans include travel, how long will you be out for? It is important to plan for the right car storage, considering the harsh Texas weather.

When going out of town for a couple of days, moving homes or looking for a simple and fast storage solution, we suggest you try our parking storage option. Our parking storage option offers secure parking in a designated spot inside of our gated storage facility. This auto storage option allows you to safely store your vehicle in our 24/7 security camera monitored property while saving some money.

Covered Parking Available

Needing something that offers a little more protection? Try our covered parking options. The wide lanes at our facility make it easy to maneuver. The covered parking options are big enough to store an RV and wide enough to store a boat. Keep your vehicle protected from the sun and harsh weather!

We recommend to use a heavy-duty car cover when choosing outdoor vehicle storage to reduce sun exposure as well as dust exposure. The car cover also helps eliminate bugs and natural items that may endanger your car.

Air Conditioned Storage

For complete auto storage, we highly recommend one of our air conditioned storage spaces. Our 10 x 20 buildings are ideal for safe auto storage. The climate control offers protection against even the most extreme weather conditions, while protecting your vehicle from excessive dust and critters. Have a classic car you want to protect? Bring it our way. We have units of all sizes that make it possible to store your vehicle and possessions in the same building and facility! Give us a call today or reserve a unit online! What are you waiting for?