Cheap Storage can be great storage |Blue Mound 287 Self Storage

Affordable or cheap storage

Affordable or cheap storage can be excellent storage, as just because it is cheap doesn’t mean it is inferior in any way. The owner of Blue Mound 287 Self Storage designed his storage with quality in mind which he believes shouldn’t cost any more, just is the way it should be done. After all, it is a storage and should be affordable, as it is just a temporary home for your belongings. When you are able to find affordable extra space storage, you tend to use it for more reasons.


Take vehicle storage for instance, it can be used when you are going on vacation, or out of the country for an extended amount of time, or even when you get a new car but don’t want to get rid of your old one.  When moving & storage are necessary, you want a safe storage that is a cheap storage, meaning not costly but certainly not inferior and that is what you’ll find at Blue Mound 287 Self Storage. Call today for more information.

Spare parts storage

Spare parts storage helps so much when you are working on vehicles and garden equipment frequently and pick up parts that could be useful in the future, but have no room to store them. The storage companies frequently sell shelving units that are great for use in storage indoor. You’ll be able to organize the parts in tubs or baskets so that they are easy to find when you need them, and you can do this at your leisure in your little home workshop away from home.


Little used trailers can be put into trailer storage for just pennies a year and free up your space for other uses. The climate storage can be cheap storage, meaning affordable and allow you to clear a room, attic, basement or spare bedroom to be used for something new and exciting like that new wide screen tv that you’ve been wanting a media room for. Don’t add costly square footage, clear that room for pennies a year and bring it all to your choice of units at Blue Mound 287Self Storage.

Total access storage rental

Total access storage rental is a facility that allows you to enter the premises and your unit any time of day or night with 24/7 access. For long term storage that is a must and at this self storage facility, not only do you have the most secure self storage units available to you but you have them available day in and day out in case you are a night owl and want to come and hang out in your storage unit.


You can make your unit an auto storage, and you can also lease as many units as you desire and have a reading nook, a workshop and any other type of storage you want in this cheap storage that is a quality storage with all that you need right on premises. Trust in the security and safety of Blue Mound 287 Self Storage by coming by today and taking a tour, see a demonstration of the security and meet the management at Blue Mound 287 Self Storage.

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