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DFW Storage Auctions

DFW Storage Auctions serves as a liquidation house for abandoned items in storage units with advanced notice of the sale and the owner has the ability to claim ownership at any time prior to the sale if they show up. Many times the tenant just leaves the area or dies and the storage owner has to clear the space for new customers. This results in the auction which saves you money, is fun and a new way to shop. DFW Storage Auctions puts out a list of sale dates, just ask for a copy.


Storage by Haslet Texas is just right down the street at Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, which couldn’t be easier. Storage Units by Haslet TX will be safe, secure and out of the way of the metroplex but close enough to conduct business if you have a need to store items for your business or store. Storage by Haslet TX at Blue Mound is very convenient as it is located near the rail and two airports making it your best bet if you conduct business by those modes of transportation. Make this Blue Mound 287 Self Storage your self storage by fort worth as well, with its best rates and super security. Call today.

Haslet Storage at Blue Mound

Haslet Storage is available for you at Blue Mound 287 Self Storage with storage units in every size, covered and uncovered, indoor with climate control and inside without climate control. The rates for each storage unit are fantastic and the best value in the entire metroplex. Find a unit that suits your needs by visiting and taking a look at the facilities. You’ll get some ideas and then go back and free up your living or working space.


Most don’t ever consider a mini storage to un-clutter their lives, they just live in the mess day in and day out, not knowing this problem can be remedied in one easy step and very little money. In fact for much less than your home or office square footage is costing you, your storage facilities can be serving as a second attic, garage or basement. DFW Storage Auctions is a place to find that pool table you can have if you clean out your space. Stop in today for a tour and availability at Blue Mound 287 Self Storage.

Storage Auctions Fort Worth

Storage Auctions Fort Worth is a terrific place to pick up great deals and then bring it to your storage unit at Blue Mound 287 Self Storage to store for either a resale or to store for your use. A storage space can be used for boat storage or car storage, giving you a place to work on it without interference from anyone. Once you realize the possibilities at Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, you’ll be thinking of all kinds of reasons to take advantage of this great place.


When you decide to move, you find all kinds of obstacles as often a move takes place suddenly and you have nowhere to put your belongings while the process is happening. A moving and storage facility handles that by providing you with a safe place to store your things from month to month without a contract and alarmed with 24/7 access so that you can go about your business like the unit was at your property. And remember if you are looking for good deals, visit the DFW Storage Auctions. Call today for rates and availability.

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