Indoor Storage Unit

Why might you need an indoor storage unit? What is available? What do they cost? We will tackle those questions in this article by Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, serving North Fort Worth with affordable and secure self storage. Call us at 817-439-1380 for more information about storage units.

Why an indoor storage unit is a good idea.

The reasons why people rent storage units are many. Probably the most common reason is they have run out of space in their home/garage, and they need room to store possessions.  Other reasons would include a place to store household furniture between the selling of one home and the purchasing of another, a lengthy trip requiring secure self-storage for valuable you don’t feel safe leaving at home, or the need for car storage, RV storage, or boat storage units.

Why indoor? Indoor storage provides better protection from vandals, from thieves, and from the fickle nature of Mother Nature.  Indoor storage is the most secure self storage, and many affordable self storage units can be found with climate controlled storage, meaning constant temperature to protect valuables from extreme temperatures, oxidation, rust, and sun-bleaching.

What size indoor storage unit is available?

We feel safe in saying there is a storage unit available for practically anything you need storing.  The smallest units at Blue Mound 287 Self Storage are 5’x10’, suitable for one room of furniture in an average home.  The largest units, at Blue Mound, will go up to thirty feet in length, suitable for a three-bedroom home.

Larger units can be found for RV storage, boat storage, and car storage.  At our sister facility, Mouser Self Storage in Alvarado, we even have storage units for small shops and hobby shops, larger than normal storage units, all with electricity, all with lights.

The cost?  Other pertinent information.

There is no point in listing prices in an article like this; depending upon when you read this article, the prices will have changed.  Suffice it to say that self-storage is very affordable, especially providing for the fact that you are getting secure self-storage, protected by the four level of security (fenced perimeter, video surveillance, on-site management, and individualized computer access key cards), meaning no vandal, no thief, and no random act by Mother Nature will ever threaten your valuables while they are stored.

Do you need insurance? It really depends upon the value of your items being stored.  Storage insurance is so inexpensive, we really believe it to be a great value, but we also understand that money is very tight for many people.

And yes, storage units are rented by the month, with no minimum requirement.  The price does not change whether you rent for one month or for six.

For any other questions regarding indoor storage, we suggest you call the pros at Blue Mound 287 Self Storage or Mouser Self Storage (682-800-3949).

A final word about Blue Mound 287 Self Storage.

Blue Mound 287 Self Storage is locally owned and operated, and we believe that makes all the difference in the quality of storage protection you receive.  We treat our customers right, not only because that is the decent thing to do, but also because you are our neighbors.  Call us today about pricing and availability.