Inside Self Storage

Inside self storage that does not break the bank is offered at Blue Mound 287 Self Storage. Call 817-439-1380 and find out how you can start leasing affordable store space today! Inside self storage can be used for a variety of items and purposes, if you are unsure of what suits your storage needs best, let our team of trained professionals help.

Inside Self Storage Benefits

Inside self storage has a lot of benefits associated with it. For starters, lets explore your indoor self-storage options: climate-controlled storage and covered storage units.

Covered storage units are used to store items that are not temperature sensitive such as clothing items, fabrics and items that will not be damaged due to cold or hot temperatures. It is not recommended to store liquids, cans and items building material in covered storage units due to extreme weather conditions.

Our other inside self storage option is climate controlled storage. Climate controlled self storage offers air conditioned storage in buildings that are kept in the same temperature year-round. What this means is added security and comfort for you. Our storage units serve as multi-purpose buildings, so in case you need to work on your car while storing it with us, you can.

Inside Self Storage at Blue Mound 287 Self Storage

The inside storage units offered at Blue Mound 287 begin at just 5’ by 5’. Though small, these units serve as the perfect storage space when moving apartments or cleaning out a room. Our inside self storage spaces range from 5’ by 5’ up to 20’ by 30’.

Some of the larger units are also used for car storage, boat storage, RV storage and even motorcycle storage. With the flexibility to store what you need when you need it, our storage facility is one of the most preferred storage facilities around.

Our property features wide lanes, making it easy to maneuver in and out of our storage facility. Bring your large truck if you need to, we have the space for it!

Protecting what matters

So what makes inside self storage so important? For starters, it provides the ultimate protection, as opposed to outdoor storage or covered parking. Inside self storage reduces dust exposure and allows you to keep your items more organized. Our storage units can be used for short term storage or long term storage, and we provide lease flexibility with month to month rent options

When choosing what storage unit meets your needs best, keep in mind that you have options. Inside storage units not only free up some space at home, but they are able to hold your assets when traveling or moving.

Inside self storage units are also great for college students. If traveling abroad or going home for the summer, lease a climate controlled storage unit that fits your entire apartment and even your vehicle, depending on the storage unit you lease. Items will stay protected against even the hottest Texas summer, at a low convenient price.

Still having trouble deciding what type of storage unit meets your needs best? Call us today at 817-439-1380 to discuss your storage options!