Long Term Vehicle Storage in sealed security and climate even | Blue Mound 287 Self Storage

Long term vehicle storage sealed security

The purpose of a quality long term vehicle storage is to seal your car in a secure and temperate unit so as to preserve and protect it. Not every facility is a secure car storage, so you’ll want to know what a secure facility is so you have a basis of comparison. That’s where Blue Mound 287 Self Storage comes in, the facility that has developed and offered car storage solutions for the last 15 years.


These units at Blue Mound 287 Self Storage are a take off of the vehicle storage facility that is the older sister called Dallas Car Storage. You’ll also find outdoor car storage at this short and long term vehicle storage which of course is a regular storage too so you can bring anything for storing here. Call and visit for more information and a tour.

Prepare winter car storage

It is always the time to prepare your car for winter car storage and to have an eye for where your best chance resides for preserving your car. The car storage costs are more than returned by saving on repairs and renovation from damage by not storing properly in a secure vehicle storage. You can call for all of the car storage rates and which size and type is right for your needs.


In the meantime it is a good idea for you to put a car storage cover at the very least on your car. Determine if you need short or long term vehicle storage, call the Blue Mound 287 Self Storage for details and then move in if you are ready, there is a 10 x 20 unit waiting for your car, with concrete floor and roll top door that is lockable, electrical outlet and conditioned. Call now.

Keep cool with indoor car storage

Summer is coming and if you need to restore, build or work on your car you’ll appreciate having it in an indoor car storage. You’ll want to get that antique car inside quickly to avoid damage to it and this unit serves as the perfect antique car storage. Moving up a notch would be to store at the Dallas Car Storage mentioned earlier.


This is a luxury car storage and you can visit for a tour, a really fun thing to do anyway, and see all of the cars that are in storage at this exotic, classic, antique vehicle storage by dallas. But it is not a private storage, meaning you cannot work on your car there and it your car would be inside with all of the other cars, it is simply a perfect storage. If you want private unit for short or long term vehicle storage, you’ll want to choose Blue Mound 287 Self Storage. Visit both today.